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Between the years 1974 and 1977, USS John Marshall (SSBN 611) combined crews in preparation for the its third overhaul at Mare Island Naval Shipyard (MINSY), Vallejo California. Combining crews was done rather earlier than most FBM's entering the yards and the 611 did some special operations, such as Midshipman cruises and AN/BQR-21 sonar testing.
The crew listings in the tabs above are the overhaul/first patrol post-overhaul. Events that took place during this time period included:

  • Home Port Transfer from Charleston, SC to MINSY
  • Refueling and Engineering Overhaul
  • Polaris A-2 to A-3 Missile Systems Conversion
  • ORSE and DASO Operations
  • Two Transits of the Panama Canal
  • A-3 Missile Load out
  • Home port Transfer to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • Deterrent Patrols out of Guam

Should any member of the crews during this time period be omitted from the following lists, please contact the webmaster.

Crew Information

John Marshall Information

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