Sea Stories
Definition: A work of fiction or non-fiction set largely at sea...
We ALL know what a sea story is...sometimes precluded with the famous, "This is a No-Sh**er". If you have a sea story about your time on our boat, share it with everyone. We all have unique and fond (or not so fond) memories of our time on the boat that nobody can possibly understand except other Submarine Sailors; not Army Veterans, or Air Force Veterans, or other Navy Veterans for that matter. And probably not our current crop of "Submarine Warfare Specialists" (whatever that is).
No, these are for boat sailors, and in particular boat sailors from the 611 (either SSBN or SSN), back when we were "Qualified in Submarines", not "Submarine Warfare Specialists".
So if you have a memory to share, please send it to the webmaster (eventually, you will be able to submit directly to the site if you are a member) and it will be posted. Try to keep it relatively clean to avoid over-editing..:) VIEW SEA STORIES

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