Sea Stories
by Wayne Newton

I was a (very green) JO during the sea trial Dick mentions below.  I was in the control room standing by the helmsman (if memory serves).
I remember the call to "SHUT THE LOWER HATCH!" I believe it was repeated twice. The frantic nature of the transmission surprised me. I remember looking up just in time to see the "swirly" make its way into the control room. That's when I realized the purpose of the big drain at the base of the ladder leading to the bridge....Took a fair amount of cleanup as I recall. I think we also learned that the drain was clogged. We were coming out of overhaul after all...

I also recall that on one of our transits in/out of the Golden Gate (maybe the same one as this story) the JM was doing a standard bell, but was achieving zero knots speed over the ground. That is a deceptive bit of seaway.

Also reminds me of a time on the bridge of another boat...a big green wave came over the sail. There was just me and the lookout. I remember being astonished that the wave briefly formed a perfect seal over the bridge. It compressed the air so effectively that the air actually instantly heated. The lookout felt it too so I'm pretty sure it was a real phenomena.


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